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Avera Mack's Roll-Ups Wallet Earplugs Never forget your earplugs again! These comfortable, silky smooth, soft foam earplugs store flat in your wallet so they’re always…
By Avera Added at November 11, 2009 Reviews 1
Avera Mack's SnoreBlockers Foam Earplugs Mack’ Snore BLOCKERS are made with powerful, snore-blocking, super, soft foam. The unique hollow end maximizes comfort, especially during sleep.
By Avera Added at October 14, 2009 Reviews 1
Avera Magnetic Eye mask Magnetic Eye Mask with nylon covering. Magnetic Eye mask uses Concentric Circle Magnets to help relieve headaches, pain and stress.
By Avera Added at September 6, 2009 Reviews 1
Avera MagniLife Restless Legs Syndrome Cream End the disruption of your rest and sleep quickly and easily with this scientifically formulated cream. Combining essential oils, antioxidants…
By Avera Added at December 12, 2009 Reviews 2
TRKnight2007 Mandibular Repositioning Device Oral devices such as dental appliances open the patient's airway by bringing the lower jaw or tongue forward during sleep.
By TRKnight2007 Added at April 15, 2009 Reviews 3
Avera Marpac Sound Conditioner Marpac sound conditioners create a consistent, smooth sound of rushing air. The tone and volume of the sound are controlled…
By Avera Added at February 13, 2010 Reviews 2
Avera Maxi Snooze Maxi Snooze is an herbal sleep aid that is advertised to address the issues of insomnia. The manufacturer insinuates that…
By Avera Added at September 8, 2009 Reviews 1
Avera MD300W1 Sleep Monitor MD300W1 Sleep Monitor is specially designed to help people self-diagnose primarily screen HSAS in their home, different from those expensive…
By Avera Added at February 17, 2010 Reviews 1
Avera MEDICAL ALERT LUGGAGE TAG for CPAP/BiPAP/BiLEVEL U.S. Transportation Security Administration policies state that Respiratory Equipment (like CPAP and BiPAP/BiLEVEL) systems are allowable as carry-on luggage. In…
By Avera Added at January 7, 2010 Reviews 2
Avera Medical Identification Luggage Tag for CPAP Equipment Use this tag to identify CPAP or BIPAP equipment at security checkpoints. The ID tag may also help in allowing…
By Avera Added at August 23, 2009 Reviews 2
Avera Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Therapeutic cervical pillow with fillable water bladder. Provides outstanding comfort and support for the head and neck. Instantly adjusts to…
By Avera Added at February 13, 2010 Reviews 1
TRKnight2007 Melatonin A hormone that has proved effective for some insomniacs in regulating the sleep/waking cycle.
By TRKnight2007 Added at April 15, 2009 Reviews 2
muncher06232 melatonin and hydroxyzine melatonin OTC is a natural sleep inducer . Hydroxyzine (prescription) is also helpful promoting sleep.
By muncher06232 Added at September 22, 2009 Reviews 2
Avera Mellodyn Mellodyn is a natural sleep aid marketed to be “non-habit forming and to work with the body’s own sleep cycles”.
By Avera Added at September 8, 2009 Reviews 1
By brttsan Added at January 3, 2010 Reviews 1
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