Sleep Disorder Product Reviews — G

TRKnight2007 Genioglossus and hyod advancement A surgical procedure to treat sleep apnea. This procedure prevents collapse of the lower throat and pulls tongue muscles forward.
By TRKnight2007 Added at April 15, 2009
Avera Get Some ZZZZ’s Get Some ZZZZ’s Herb Tea from the Republic of Tea is marketed as a soothing blend that can help promote…
By Avera Added at September 8, 2009 Reviews 1
Avera goLITE BLU The goLITE BLU features a compact, cordless design with diffusion optics to provide softer, more even light therapy. The goLIT…
By Avera Added at August 28, 2009 Reviews 3
Avera Guardian Sleeper The Guardian Sleeper was designed by two moms who struggled to keep their babies safe and comfortable at night. It…
By Avera Added at August 25, 2009 Reviews 1
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