"TAP 3" Thornton Adjustable Positioner

By Ewei Added at April 2, 2012 Views 3,399 Reviews 2

Comfortable to wear, Custom shaped to your mouth, Made from Hypoallergenic plastic. TAP 3 anti-snoring mouth piece is an oral appliance, worn while you sleep. This mouthpiece works by positioning and holding your lower jaw lightly forward during sleep. It is of two pieces. The upper has a very fine screw adjustment that locks into the lower, which is slotted an allows for some lateral movement in sleep.

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Ewei April 2, 2012 at 11:01 am   

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner is tiny, simple, and easy to use and clean. Being adjustable, one can bring in the minimal necessary tension in holding the jaw up and forward. You could say, it's a plus for travers especialy, and those fighting the hose and mask bindings.


You must have sound natural teeth for the TAP 3 to snap onto. For some, their tooth sockets may be slightly sensitive the first hour after release.

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