Zest Q Nasal Mask by Fisher & Paykel

By Tracy Added at March 28, 2012 Views 2,545 Reviews 3

If you are looking for a new mask, you should give this a try. Nasal mask that is easy to use out of the box. Features the gray foam cushion that we have all come to love about F&P masks. Advanced air diffuser makes it QUIET

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Reviews (3 reviews)

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Tracy August 26, 2012 at 11:18 am   

mrssnorer, when the nose bridge gets irritated/red, it might mean you are over tightening the upper straps too much. Try loosening it a little, but do so when in bed, with machine turned on - and while you are laying in your normal sleeping position. I hope that helps you -
also, if you tried the ResMed Gecko gel pad without luck, there is another product on the market called SoreSpots - your local cpap supplier should know about them, hopefully carry them in inventory.
Let us know how loosening the straps works for you -
Best wishes

mrssnorer August 26, 2012 at 8:18 am   

I just purchased this mask for women in the petite size as a back up when I am a little stuffed up but can still breathe through my nose. Normally I wear the Swift LT and love it. The Zest Q is so quiet I can't even hear it. It also never leaks, the only issue I have is that the bridge of my nose gets really red from it, even though it doesn't hurt when on. I have tried wearing the nose pad but that didn't help. any other suggestions for around the bridge of my nose?

Tracy March 28, 2012 at 9:54 pm   

The QUIETEST mask I have ever worn

The advanced air diffuser means no more bursts of air escaping to bother you or your bed partner

Features the FlexiFoam cushion which is an extremly light weight foam AND is super soft and supportive of our facial features

Has auto contouring fit technology - its foam cushion automatically adjusts to our nasal and facial features

Mask force remains equal if the head rotates from side to side. The Glider strap provides this freedom of movement while maintaining the seal

Glider clip/Hidden strap release. This enables reassembly without having to make fitting adjustments


None - but first launch features standard size only

Zest Q Petite coming soon

Zest Q Plus coming soon

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