IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Travel CPAP Machine with SmartFlex by DeVillbiss

By jimnsc Added at January 3, 2012 Views 3,375 Reviews 2

After my sleep study I waited about 4 weeks to get my prescription. This gave me adequate time to research flow generators, masks, etc. In that my Cardiologist referred me for the study with the belief that controlling OSA may well ward off additional onsets of Atrial Fibrillation, I was determined any equipment I purchased would be used and not wind up in my closet. I am a senior citizen who is fortunate enough to be able to afford the equipment of my choice out-of-pocket and not be answerable to any insurance organization for usage compliance.

I researched four different brands and opted for the IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Travel CPAP Machine with SmartFlex by DeVillbiss for several reasons. 1) It was the only one with a 3 year warranty, 2) It was within a ‘whisper’ of being as quiet as the most expensive brand, and 3) it had every capability I desired to be able to track my progress and provide me with comfortable breathing during treatment. Financially, I could purchase about 3 of them for the price of the most expensive one.

I desired an ‘auto’ with software capability because I am not the type who would be content to plug something in and put a mask on my face and ‘wonder’ the next morning if I got acceptable therapy. I can and do read my results almost every morning as I am the curious type.

In summary, this flow generator is a 5 star performer in my opinion and after 10 months treatment, my AHI runs below 2.4 for the entire time (including the very first month which was rough). I have settled on nasal masks and/or nasal pillows as they provide me with the best treatment. My AHI for the last month has been at or below 1.6. If you would care to ask me a question or discuss it, PM me on the Cpaptalkdotcom forum (jimnsc) and I will be happy to hear from you.

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Reviews (2 reviews)

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mrssnorer July 9, 2012 at 5:33 pm   

I have the same machine and love it. I have a spare one just in case. I also check my numbers every morning. I would highly recommend it

jimnsc January 3, 2012 at 10:28 am   

- My wife (with excellent hearing) cannot hear the thing running.
- She only hears my breathing through whatever appliance I am wearing.
- The small footprint (w/humidifier) doesn’t take up all the space on my nightstand.
- It’s low price and length of warranty.
- Routine maintenance is easy to perform – even for an ‘old’ dude.
- It allows me to track all the main things I am interested in tracking. *

* Those are - The settings I have selected on the generator, the average pressure that was needed, the average leak detected (includes the normal mask exhaust), the time each event occurred and what type event it was, and my AI – HI – and AHI scores. That’s all I care to track – but – if you happen to be one who wants a machine that will also track the color and size of your ‘jammies’ for another thousand bucks, have at it! ;-)



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