Mirage FX by ResMed

By Tracy Added at July 12, 2011 Views 1,534 Reviews 3

ResMed's newest nasal mask in the FX series

The standard Mirage FX fits 90% of users.
However, for users who require a wider fit, the Mirage FX Wide offers more frame and cushion width, a shallower cushion and shorter frame length to comfortably seal flatter nasal bridges.

The FX series seems to me to be focussed on ease of use, simplicity with light weight frames and soft headgear for comfort…then there is that wonderful dual cushion which provides an incredible seal

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Reviews (3 reviews)

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Tracy December 13, 2011 at 8:58 am   

here is a link to Mirage Swift FX

took me 10 seconds to google, click and find this picture for you.

Mwsmith1029 December 10, 2011 at 2:51 pm   

This is an asinine website. U have to fill out pages and pages to see a product and have yet to see anything.

Tracy July 12, 2011 at 2:15 pm   

New form-fitting SoftEdge™ headgear is kind to the face and springs to life, ready to fit and wear

Squeeze-tab elbow makes it easy to attach and detach the elbow from the frame

Flexible “butterfly wing” forehead support allows a dynamic range of fit and adjustment; the plastic does not contact the skin

Lightweight, durable frame is strong enough to stabilize the mask on the face, and soft and flexible enough to accommodate user movement during sleep

Dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion provides even pressure distribution with extra softness at the nasal bridge, reducing common discomfort in this sensitive area

Diffused vent design disperses air gently and quietly away from the bed partner

Headgear loops simplify attachment and detachment of headgear; retain optimal headgear settings


2 sizes offered - standard and wide
If you need a smaller version of this mask - order Mirage FX for Her which comes as one size fits most and offers a smaller headgear more suited for women

Dual cushion mask - so you must remember to inflate the mask to take advantage of obtaining the best seal possible

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