I usually struggle to fall asleep, so I tried a 6-week sleep app and it worked wonders

From businessinsider.com Published at October 19, 2015 Views 5,544 Comments 2 Likes 1

I've have been using a sleep training app called Sleepio for the past few months and I am definitely sleeping better. However, before I tell you why, I must confess: the Sleepio system was too hard for me. I couldn't really follow it closely and I stopped using it last week.

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disasn November 1, 2015 at 2:05 pm   

I understand all these training techniques, but I am never tired. I do not do things in my bedroom, I just wish I could sleep. I am going back to sleep clinic in Dec. This has got to stop. I am so hiper and have racing thoughts constantly that I never get to rest my poor brain. I don't care how much exercise I have done that day, at the proper time, I am just not tired. Maybe the 5th day I would collaspe. I just hate it.I envy people that get tired and fall asleep, or even if I had sleep apnea, I have already been diagnosed with insomnia but it has to let up sooner or later.

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