Mask recommendation for PSG/MST

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So, I'm going to have a PSG/MSLT in about 6 weeks…and last week my DME called to say that its been 6 months, so time to get a new mask.

I was thinking of going back to my nasal pillow mask - ComfortLite II. But, wonder if I should look for a different mask that would work during my PSG/MSLT.

How does a CPAP mask fit into being all wired up for a PSG/MSLT? Do they have you put it on before they wire you up? Do you keep the mask on during the MSLT portion?

The Dreamer.

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  • TheDreamer
    TheDreamer December 20, 2010 at 10:16 pm   

    Well, I had ended up going back to nasal pillows…but I went with the Resmed Swift FX. And, I got to put the mask on and take it off 6 times while wired up.

    And, it wasn't all that hard.

    The only annoying thing about it was the PAP in the sleep lab isn't auto on…and there's a delay between it making lots of noise to when it'll start delivering pressure.

  • Avera
    Avera October 16, 2010 at 11:19 pm   

    Good luck with the test..Hope that you post your results and tell us about it.

  • Tracy
    Tracy October 16, 2010 at 5:59 pm   

    wiring up for a psg - allows for the wearing of a mask. Many people have the split night psg where the 2nd half of the night is the titration part.
    Might very well be a good idea to ask the sleep lab if they prefer something other than the ComfortLite II because of it's size in the forehead area…but it will probably work.
    The next day MSLT - you just keep on all the wires from the psg, they do not add any or change location on the body.
    I know you like the CLII - so maybe wear it for the psg - and then take another one for the mslt. It wouldn't hurt to take a couple - I know you have several to choose from :)
    Good questions tho - give the sleep lab a call and ask!

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