TINNITUS AND CPAP MACHINE--Are they connected?

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Ok—I started using this machine on june 16th 2010. NOW I have tinnitus in my left ear that is VERY VERY loud. I am now getting it in my right ear, altho it's not so bad. Yes I've seen an MD, and also my ENT dr cannot explain WHY I have it.

SOOOOOO— I am wondering—-even tho I am DEAF and cannot hear a THING when I go to sleep——is my CPAP machine causing the tinnitus? I do not use oxygen in my machine, and I've recently been tested for that and have been told that I need OXYGEN. But I have not gotten that yet. Soooooo—-is my machine causing my tinnitus? I wud appreciate feedback.

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    RINGALING August 13, 2017 at 5:48 pm   
    Edited August 13, 2017 at 5:51 pm by RINGALING

    I started using the CPAP machine a year ago. I did notice a slight ringing in my ears a month later. I have had the wax removed. I also started having sinus issues that I never had before, and my doctor give me meds for that. I was also treated for Vertigo in October. My ears also plug a lot and I have noticed a considerable amount of hearing loss. This past week the ringing has gotten so loud that it's really bugging me. I called the pharmacist last night and she recommended "over the counter" LiPO FLAVONOID. It takes 2 months to work though. Yikes!! I quit using the CPAP machine last night. Some times the air pressure was so strong that it woke me up. I have feel a good deal of fatigue. I am now looking into oral sleep apnea devices that dentists recommend. I hope I can find the right one that is also not cost prohibitive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Bipapsleeper
    Bipapsleeper August 9, 2010 at 10:34 am   

    Yes, tinnitus and CPAP - ARE definitely connected! And so is your hearing and/or deafness! I ma a living prorof of all that!

    You likely need a lot better ventilation than the standard so-called CPAP provides. You likely need a BIPAP device, i.e., a little more sophysticated, and a lot more expensive, device that will allow you to exhale at a lower pressure. A BiPAP device with a so-called 'backup rate' is highly recommended based on my own very similar experience! Get yourself to a 'true' sleep specialist who will subject you to a thorough sleep study, and go on from there. If the doc is unaware of BiPAPs, just 'give him or her a hint', to help yourself, just like I did for myself, and I am 'still ticking'. The next most important thing shall be the correct settings for the inhaling and exhaling pressures, both of which the doc may or may not hit right the first time around. The difference should be at least 3 cm H2O, and the exhaling pressure should be about equal to your current CPAP pressure, unless the current CPAP setting is also too low for you. EPAP Good luck! Bipapsleeper

  • victoriadawn
    victoriadawn August 21, 2010 at 7:08 pm   

    I have noticed horrible tinitus in the last year or so, but never put it together with the use of a CPAP machine! I started using one about 3 years ago. I've been so happy to be able to sleep more consistently and without snoring that I just never questioned some of the issues I've had.

    I'm curious, though. How exactly is the CPAP causing tinitus? I have it all day and usually can ignore it until things get quieter.

  • Quan-Tran
    Quan-Tran January 19, 2017 at 12:57 pm   

    I have sleep apnea and have been using CPAP machine for 12 years. I am wondering if my tinnitus may be caused by my CPAP machine as well.
    Recently, I my left ear is ringing VERY VERY loud too. The constant ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping, whistling,, . I've seen an MD, and also my ENT doctors as well. They sent me to various tests (MRI, Balance, Blood, Hearing, Chiropractor), but still cannot explain WHY I have it. I did so much researches on this symptoms as well. The typical causes are included: Nerves circulation, nutrition, stress, side effects from medications, hearing loss at the cochlea or cochlear nerve level, damage to the tiny hair cells in the cochlea, expose to loud noise, jaw temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, ear bone changes (octosclerosis), and earwax blockage. The bottom-line is they can’t find the root cause yet. For self-evaluation, I do the following to reduce or prevent the ringing from worsen as well, but have not working yet:
    1) Low doses Zeloft for anti-anxiety.
    2) Went to specialist to clean the ear waxes from both ears
    3) Wear ear plugs to keep the tinnitus on a moderate level when I sleep
    4) Eat healthier (Salt and sugar restriction, eat more Vitamin B12 etc.)
    5) Go sleep early
    6) Avoid alcohol
    7) Avoid smoking
    8) Taking Zine (Tinnitivex, Ring Zen Natural Tinnitus Relief Supplement and Arches Tinnitus Formula).
    9) Tinnitus music. Rain, rain drop
    10) Avoid stress, blue light, TV, Cell phone, computer, iPad, iPhone at night
    11) Perform various massage methods for Tinnitus
    12) Train my brain to adapt and ignore the ringing

    The Tinnitus effects have been a big challenge for me such as: Fatigue, stress, sleep problems, trouble concentrating, memory problems, memory loss, depression, anxiety and irritability. I am determine to find out the root-cause. If anyone may have similar issue and have additional suggestion, please HELP. Thanks.

  • MaMarcus
    MaMarcus April 27, 2017 at 7:27 am   

    I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I snore pretty bad without the machine. I'm not horribly overweight, I just have a small air passage anatomically. I had no problem with my ears when I started. Within a couple of months of using the CPAP, which I loved by the way, I started to notice a ringing in my left ear. I mentioned it to my husband but didn't make the connection until one morning it was particularly bad. It dawned on me it was the CPAP machine. I was forced to stop wearing the CPAP because I couldn't stand the ringing. I was devastated because with the CPAP the snoring problem seemed to be over. But it seems everytjing has a cost. So…now I'm back to square 1 …only …thanks to that machine…I now have to find a solution to the ear ringing in my left ear which I still have even months after stopping the CPAP. So…thanks to all the so called "researchers" and "doctors" who only care about making money…who put this stuff out on the market before they truly know what it does to people. Of course they all deny that it's the CPAP causing the problem. They want to give you a list of several other causes that is just a diversion for you away from the fact that it's the CPAP machine airway pressure causing the tinnitis…WHICH IT IS. I'm highly efucated. I KNOW that CPAP machine caused this for me. But they count on people being stupid so we buy into all the false information the medical community outs out. Oh, by the way, I am also a Nurse. And I still say that. I guess I'll have to go find my own cure which is also something I'm getting used to these days. It seems with the advent of computers the average Joe is smarter than a doctor.
    Disappointed about CPAP…
    Mary Ann

  • Sam4u
    Sam4u June 27 at 6:43 am   

    It seems we all are sailing in same boat. I am using CPAP for last 4-5 years and recently I am also facing same condition. Some of the things which reduced the impact was reducing the usage of CPAP, before sleeping taking steam to clean nose. Taking nasal drops before sleep again. In morning trying some breathing exercise. If you are interested I can send you link of some of video and can help with explanation as some part is in Indian language..

  • noisey01
    noisey01 February 10, 2018 at 4:10 pm   
    Edited February 10, 2018 at 4:12 pm by noisey01

    if you find a solution I'd like to know, i'm told there isn't one. I've wondered for a long time if the cpap caused this.

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