Hypoxia During Sleep

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I found that during sleep, my blood oxygen goes through times of being far too low
repeated times…like about 75 percent.
This is scary thing for me, in addition to producing narcolepsy and other problems.
There is ever present thought about what if the alarm within my body fails too long to get me back to breathing right and raise my oxygen content? The narcolpsy stuff has become much worse in recent times during the day. A "fog" moves in like an army of tanks and cannot thing straight,mind does its own thing. This is making it very tough to get my work done, like grading papers and preparing materials for classes I teach.

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  • Tracy
    Tracy November 7, 2009 at 8:24 am   

    Hi Don;
    Your hypoxia is more likely related to your sleep apnea and not your narcolepsy. Do you use CPAP? This would be the best way to keep your oxygen levels in their proper mid 90% range.

    It's tough when one has both narcolepsy AND sleep apnea. If you take naps as part of your narcolepsy treatment, make sure to use your cpap for daytime naps as well as night time sleep.

    Are you CPAP compliant?


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