How often should I have a sleep study done

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I have OSA, and have been using the same cpap machine for over 7 year. How often should I go through another study? I was diagnosed under a different insurance and have been paying for new supplies out of my own pocket for a few years now. Any input on whether another sleep study is due for me?

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  • tinman71
    tinman71 September 19, 2010 at 9:10 am   

    only your doctor can answer that question ? if your weight has changed more then ten pouinds either way your doctor could loan you a cpap machine that is used to log your breating pattern for a week and determine what your settings should be, just like your initail visit and setup was of your machine.i have had an additional sleep study done a few years ago because i changed my cpap machine and theripist center provider. and discovered my machine was set too high form other provider. and a high setting is just as bad as no cpap at all!!!! good luck and i wish you the best

  • Margarite
    Margarite March 11, 2010 at 5:23 pm   

    I had my initial sleep study 12 years ago and had problems complying with use of the CPAP machine, as many people do. I stopped using it for several years. Finally, about 9 years later, I went to a pulmonary specialist to see if I could get a prescription for a new machine and mask. He asked that I have another sleep study. I think that's reasonable. Nothing had changed so he did not have to adjust the pressure on my machine. I know that it is costly to pay out of pocket for CPAP supplies and that sleep studies run around $2000, but consider how important it is to have the proper pressure on your machine to prevent damage to your heart. Maybe you could at least call your physician and ask some questions. Good luck.

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