Cpap causing tinnitus?

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I have been using a cpap for about two years now and it has made me feel great. About a year ago I started having sinus problems and went to my regular doctor and he said my ear canal appeared to be going outwards instead of inwards like an ear infection. He then had me go to a ent specialist who basically said I had some hearing loss and tinnitus and couldn't tell me why without a ct scan. I started skipping the cpap a few nights a week and the tinnitus was a little less. When I went in for my yearly checkup with the pulmonary doctor that put me on the cpap he was very quick to tell me that the machine could not cause this. I disagree. I have never had these types of issues until wearing my cpap. It is also a full face version. I am considering ear candling or anything to help with the tinnitus. I am now having some dizziness in the mornings some days that is concerning me as well. Has anyone else had any of these issues after starting cpap usage?

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