Narcolepsy While Driving

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Hi, I just discovered this forum through a quick Google search. I wouldn't say I typically have any sleep problems - usually, I can fall asleep without much problem and sleep deeply in most situations. I am about twenty and fairly healthy.
For the past three days, I have had sudden sleep attacks while driving home from work. My commute is between 45m to 1hr in stop and go traffic and I think the monotony of driving in that environment as well as the warmth of the car is combining to make me very sleepy. I never feel tired before leaving the office and in fact I don't start feeling sleepy until 15 or 30 minutes into the drive.
I have tried blasting the AC, turning up the music, singing along to the radio, dancing, and slapping/pinching myself, but inevitably I will get so tired that I start slipping in and out of consciousness. Today, I drifted off for long enough to cross halfway into another lane until I woke up.
Does anybody experience the same thing or something similar? If so, how do you prevent yourself from getting sleepy or deal with it afterward? The only thing I can think of if a sleep attack happens is to pull off the freeway at the nearest exit and take a nap.

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  • abbeysue
    abbeysue August 16, 2016 at 11:18 am   

    Hey Ehalkynn! I commute to work and usually take the train. On days when I drive for one reason or another, I find myself in a similar situation on my drive home. I have found that sipping on a bottle of ice water really helps keep me alert. If public transportation is an option for you, I would highly suggest it! I love being able to hop on the train after work and not have to worry about traffic or being alert. Hopefully this helps!

  • redorangedog
    redorangedog November 21, 2016 at 9:13 pm   

    I once fell asleep at the wheel. I worked 44 miles from home. The police pulled me over. When he saw I was a nurse coming home from a double shift he just gave me a warning. That's all it took. It never happened again. I slept in the call room after 16 hour shifts,

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