CPAP use and weight loss

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Wanted to start a discussion about using cpap and weight loss.
Share with us your personal experiences please.

Did you expect to automatically lose weight when you started using cpap?

Obesity is rarely the sole CAUSE of sleep apnea, but it can make apnea worse due to fat padding in the neck/airway area.

Sometimes weight loss can result in a reduction in cpap pressures. I do know a few patients who were indeed able to get off cpap after weight loss. When that happens, they do return to the sleep lab when old apnea symptoms return, and some have gone back to cpap, while others are still apnea free.

My personal experience, after gastric bypass and massive weight loss, did not reduce my severity nor my bilevel pressures. For me, it was because my apnea is CAUSED by jaw and tongue issues…and of course, my tongue did not lose one ounce :) The weight loss did, however, make me an overall healthier person and rid me of type 2 diabetes.

What successful cpap therapy CAN do is to return quality restorative sleep which will then return a higher energy level. Feeling well rested helps give us the motivation to diet and exercise and THAT is what helps result in weight loss.

Hope you will share your experiences and expectations about weight loss with cpap use.

Thanks in advance for your contributions to this thread!

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