C-pap to Bi-pap question

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I'm using a Resmed AutoSet S9 C-pap with heated humidifier and heated tubing. If in the future, my therapy gets changed to Bi-pap or V-pap (?), can these new therapies be put into the settings of my present machine or will I be purchasing yet another machine? And if I do have to get a new machine, is there a trade in for my AutoSet. Just wondering…

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  • Tracy
    Tracy February 16, 2012 at 3:42 pm   

    Great questions…I know of a few situations where patients were first issued an autocpap but soon exchanged for a bilevel for medical necessity- the billing was worked out and they paid the difference. this usually only happens during the first months of use and certainly well before the "rental" time period ends ( usually a 12 month period)
    You might ask these questions of your doctor AND your insurance company, as policies vary.

    In most cases tho, when a patient changes to bilevel AFTER 12 months or years of therapy, there is no trade in. You just start over with purchase of the new machine…just as you would if your cpap or autocpap needed replacing after its "life" expectancy.

    your autoset cpap is NOT a bilevel and cannot be programmed to be one. You would receive a different unit.

    the good news is, you have a PREMO unit. The S9 auto should do quite well for you. if, however you need more of an exhalation relief than the 3 points your auto cpap can give, then bilevel might be your answer.

    If you suspect you should be using bilevel now - have a conversation with your doctor quickly in the event you CAN swap now…early on in the game.

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