My sister has sleep apnea and she keeps taking her mask off while she is asleep.

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I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion I could give my sister about ways to keep her from taking off her mask at night. She says she always wakes up without it on and she has nose bleeding problems. she also has restless leg syndrome which might be why she is removing the mask if she is moving around a lot. She was using a nasal mask and she has tried a full face mask but still takes it off while asleep.
I think it might be the pressure being to high but I am not sure.
any suggestions are welcome
thank you.

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  • Tracy
    Tracy January 2, 2012 at 12:46 pm   

    I forgot to add some reading material -
    the links below are brief articles I have written which should be helpful to your sister.

    All of these AND MORE can be found in the LIVING WITH A SLEEP DISORDER section - look in the left navigation area and click on this helpful section.

    Lastly, what a great brother you are for caring so much about your sisters health and well being - good for you!

  • Tracy
    Tracy January 2, 2012 at 12:42 pm   

    GREAT questions and honestly VERY COMMON problems with cpap users.
    We have little control over what we do when we are asleep - BUT when patients remove their masks during sleep, it is usually due to having the wrong style or size mask…or not fitting it properly to the face. It might also be the cpap pressure. Nose bleeds indicate dryness, and so she should be using the integrated cpap humidifier every night.

    If she were my sister, I would encourage her to report all of these problems to her cpap supplier. It is their job to help her reach a level of success. No one can help her unless she reports the specific problems to them…

    She should make an appointment with her cpap supplier, taking in her mask and machine so they can observe how she is putting on the mask - and check the machine pressure to see if it is set correctly ( yes, they do occasionally make mistakes)

    good luck

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