CPAP making gurgling noise?

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With the change in weather, most of our bedroom environment temperatures have gotten cooler. It might be time to bump up your temperature control on your cpap humidifier.

Remembering its the moisture we need from our cpap humidifier, not necessarily the heat, be careful not to turn up heat more than you need. If you do, it can cause excess condensation to develop in the tubing which can drip back in to the mask - yuk Turn up the heat one notch at a time until you find what works best for you.
You can resolve excess condensatio by using a tubing cover - they are inexpensive and they really work.

Gurgling can also indicate you have OVERFILLED your water chamber. Note the FILL LINE MAX and stay well below it.

People who use any heated coiled tubing - like the ResMed S9 Climate Line tubing do not need to use a cover.

Is your water chamber icky? If you note a white or even pink film ( caused by your water mineral deposits) - you can get rid of it by filling the water chamber with white distilled vinegar mixed with a little water - let this soak for about 30 minutes, then rinse with tap water. You should then have a sparkling clean water chamber! I actually don't wait for any film to appear - I soak my chamber once a week with the vinegar/water solution to keep it fresh.

Distilled water is always preferred for use in our water chambers, but even so, you can still find a film develop in the chamber…but its definately worse when you use tap water.

Great sleep to ya!

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