Anyone else have Tori growth under the tongue?

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I have Tori (sp?) bone growth under my tongue. It causes my tongue to be some 1/2-3/4 of an inch higher in my mouth. This amplifies the problem with my tongue sliding back at night. A devise to hold my tongue in place does no good. Has suffer from this same problem spoke with their dentist or oral surgeon about this same problem? Has your sleep doctor ever looked under your tongue? Does anyone know anything about what type of effective surgery can be done? These continue to grow over the years. In 20 years I am concerned I may not be able to swallow, eat, or have the ability to suck on a straw.

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  • Avera
    Avera March 21, 2011 at 12:11 am   


    I don't have this condition but did find a place online called where someone wrote about having surgery for it. I have copied it here for you. It was written by someone called joni1977:

    "I’ve never had it done, but I was once a dental assistant. It’s a pretty cool procedure. From what I remember (that’s if I remember correctly), the surgeon will expose the bony area and gently shave the excess bone away with the surgical handpiece. Then finish by smoothing away any jagged bone and suturing up the gums. But don’t worry. The surgeon will make sure you are good and numbed before he begins and the only thing you will feel is the vibration from the surgical handpiece – is he even has to use it. The worst part will only be the sore gums during the healing process. Most Oral Surgeons like using the dissolvable sutures. Hope this helps! :)"

    There are also some articles about it here on Sleep Connect. Here are the links to them if you would care to read them:

    Hope this helps…

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