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Artschoolreject Putting stuff in your humidifier, other than water “I put a capfull of silver biotics in my humidifier chamber whenever I add water. It keeps my sinuses clear…”
sheila575 Narcolepsy & Hypersomnolence “Hi, Im a new member. RN for 24yrs, taken out of work in 2012 by my Dr.due to Narcolepsy which…”
Bob1955 Waking At 3:00 am Every Night “This happens to me also. I wake up at 3:00 every night like clockwork. I can't get back to sleep…”
wiscman77 Is someone monitoring my wife's machine? “My wife and I both have apnea. We have a machine that provides a daily graph of time/seal/AHI, etc.”
Dr Gary Waiting for Test Results: How to Get Through… “A client I’ll call Dawn talked to me about waiting for test results. Here’s what she said: “The results are…”

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