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Anne & Ray Gordon Essential Oils? “I would love to hear if they work. After 8 yrs with this problem, I am about ready to try…”
Quan-Tran TINNITUS AND CPAP MACHINE--Are they connected? “I have sleep apnea and have been using CPAP machine for 12 years. I am wondering if my tinnitus may…”
Damnifiknow bad sleep pattern “My sleep doctor told me not to take naps during the day. I have a messed up sleep pattern also.”
SZorniss Excessive Daytime Sleepiness w/C-pap “Have had EDS since puberty. Diagnosed with apnea 6 months ago with sleep study and AHI of 32. Using c-pap…”
redorangedog What do I do if I think… “See a Doctor for a Sleep study to determine if you have sleep apnea. CPAP can help.”

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