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aleahk Sleep Apnea. “Wow shygirl it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I would suggest seeing a doctor and possibly…”
"George" Chronic Communication Tip: When Words Fail… Seven Gestures… “Thank You Dr. Gary! I'm in much the same boat AS you as far as trying to keep my peers…”
Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Work: Work stress… life stress… “So here’s how the cycle works: A hard day at work. You hit traffic on the way in. The boss is…”
Amihm94 Anybody using a CPAP had problems with a… “I have a machine that has a water tank, use a full mask BUT I still have dry mouth. Had…”
Jim Edwards sleep, no sleep, too much sleep “Geez, i left DC because of you and thought I could sneak into another community. I find i can run…”

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