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indigoandy Almost no appetite on Nuvigil for narcolepsy “I went through this. I'm super health conscious and have basically tried everything, including getting a grant to see a…”
CarolSH Blurred Vision issues and burning behind the eye… “Jefff, I'm right there with ya, just Secondary rather than Primary Progressive MS. When my c-paper leaks into my eye…”
Sarah1012 are sneezing & runny nose due to using… “I think I had bad allergies that caused a lot of sneezing. I had the same reaction one other time…”
Damnifiknow sleep, no sleep, too much sleep “Sounds like there are a few of us. And I thought it was just me.”
Susan Bee Where To Get CPAP Supplies With No Prescription “I purchased some CPAP supplies to go with my S9 from They didn't ask me for a prescription when…”

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