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GmaGidge got CPAP to delete snoring - having proplems… “First of all it seems there is a build up of air in my head that needs to be released…”
BruceLeiter How about a C-PAP machine causing GERD at… “I have had bad GERD only while sleeping at night with a very bad acid-taste. I didn't connect the GER…”
expectamiracle my new sleeping disorder “Just had surgery for my deviated septum. Recovering on 4th day after surgery. Looking forward to helping with dry mouth…”
shygirl22 Sleep Apnea. “how long does a sleep study last my life has been really packed I am a full time care giver…”
"George" Chronic Communication Tip: When Words Fail… Seven Gestures… “Thank You Dr. Gary! I'm in much the same boat AS you as far as trying to keep my peers…”

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