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beckyb19 Quick Poll: Has your partner met your doctor? “Yes, as soon as I realized that my husband would one day become my husband while we were dating,…”
noisey01 TINNITUS AND CPAP MACHINE--Are they connected? “if you find a solution I'd like to know, i'm told there isn't one. I've wondered for a long time…”
vandal67 SUAD Oral Appliance Replacement Parts “My son has sleep apnea. He has a SUAD oral appliance that works, but I need replacement parts for it.”
ringingearpleasestop Cpap causing tinnitus? “I have been using a cpap for about two years now and it has made me feel great. About a…”
BOB7732 RLS in your arms “RLS in the legs is enough, i now have it in my right arm, THIS SUCKS! I think it is…”

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