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Dr Gary Quick Poll: Has your partner met your doctor? “What about you and your partner? Are you always in sync on the what and the why and the how…”
noisey01 TINNITUS AND CPAP MACHINE--Are they connected? “if you find a solution I'd like to know, i'm told there isn't one. I've wondered for a long time…”
vandal67 SUAD Oral Appliance Replacement Parts “My son has sleep apnea. He has a SUAD oral appliance that works, but I need replacement parts for it.”
ringingearpleasestop Cpap causing tinnitus? “I have been using a cpap for about two years now and it has made me feel great. About a…”
BOB7732 RLS in your arms “RLS in the legs is enough, i now have it in my right arm, THIS SUCKS! I think it is…”

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