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Damnifiknow bad sleep pattern “My sleep doctor told me not to take naps during the day. I have a messed up sleep pattern also.”
SZorniss Excessive Daytime Sleepiness w/C-pap “Have had EDS since puberty. Diagnosed with apnea 6 months ago with sleep study and AHI of 32. Using c-pap…”
redorangedog What do I do if I think… “See a Doctor for a Sleep study to determine if you have sleep apnea. CPAP can help.”
Rusty D Painful sore from strap (Warning... images of strap… “Have you wash your mask and the pad this can cause that effect on your face from being dirty and…”
Jacklatvia Insomnia Since 10 yrs-old “Would you be so kind-- and be a little bit more specific about how is the help from your new…”

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