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JustAnotherCPAP Just Checking In, a Sleep Apnea Guy “Just wanted to officially say hey. I've been on CPAP 5 years. Would love to get off it but it…”
sp0rty CPAP mask leakage “Hi does anyone else use CPAP mask? I've only had mine 4 weeks but every night around 2am or 3am…”
Haroldfin58 cpap strap leaves painful sores and welts, please… “My headgear hurt my neck and was rubbing it raw at night, so i had a ideal, i went and…”
RINGALING TINNITUS AND CPAP MACHINE--Are they connected? “I started using the CPAP machine a year ago. I did notice a slight ringing in my ears a month…”
Dr Gary Quick Poll: Have your sleep issues turned you… “My clients often talk to me about staying in control of the day-to-day details in their lives. Some have…”

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