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Hollywood0613 Sleep Apnea vs No Insurance “Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by my discussion for the day. I am new here so I hope that this…”
katy renee HELP! Marks From CPAP Straps! “I absolutely understand your dilemna concerning getting marks or indentations while wearing cpap mask. I also get them, I have…”
Sleepynurse How to Control Hypnogogic Hallucinations? “I also suffer from this! Unfortunately, I moved into a 100 year old house and began experiencing "paranormal" activity BEFOR…”
memilanuk Dry mouth with full-face mask and humidifier “Hello there, After a home sleep study, I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. I'm relatively new to this (~6-8 wks)…”
Anniefed New Device - SomnoDent “I have been trying the new SomnoDent and have been experiencing a lot of pain. I was told that there…”

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